Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Drive Tunes or Tunes to Drive by

I have a lengthy trip coming up and I am in a bit of a pickle.
One reason is my trip is going to be 6 hours long.
My trip is taking place in a car.
The first leg of my trip is by myself, all alone and just me.
I am going to need some help because my FAVORITE radio station doesn't always play my favorite tunes.
Equally, I do car dance. If you don't here is something to help you understand

That is what car dancing is and what everyone should at least be prepared to join in on at any given time. 
Without further ado (sans Prince songs ) here is a short list of potential artists to last you 6 hours of driving : 
  • Rolling Stones - Every Album ever
  • Kings of Leon 
  • Go-Go's and The Bangles albums All
  • Every Broadway Showtune Album including Oklahoma and West Side Story
  • Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett all songs even the sad ones
  • Nat King Cole for traffic jams
  • Santana - all albums
  • Cars compilation cd
  • a-ha
  • Red Hot Chili peppers
  • Every Cameron Crowe movie soundtrack
  • Every John Hughes movie soundtrack
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • U2 -Every Album Ever 
  • Sheryl Crow - Every Album Ever
or you could just do this 

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