Thursday, March 10, 2016

Getting a Passport? #notdifficultunlessumakeitdifficult

Two years ago I was going to travel to France and go walking and wine tasting. Thus, I was going to have to get an Passport.

I still have not gotten my passport.

For the record there is only 7 steps to getting a US Passport hashtag not hard.

So why haven't I done this?

What is the hold up?

Let's review:
I am willing to shell out nearly six thousand dollars just to walk around and taste wine in Provence.

I have all the requirements for the passport 

Its been 23 months and I haven't done it yet?

MMM...could it be that I don't want to go abroad?

Well, I am in luck I can spend some time in Las Vegas before I go hiking.

Hopefully, this spring is the year I actually complete this one task ...

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