Monday, March 28, 2016

Makeup for Travel

As I head out of town I am trying to figure out what to wear and this includes the makeup I will bring with me.

Aside from whether to go Bold Lip or Bold Eye I am trying to decide on how much primer I need and sunscreen too.

One item I am loving right now is Coola ER After Sun lotion I am using this for every day / night as I have some really dry spots appearing more frequently.

The next product I don't think I can leave without is the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin tonic this is perfect for long drives and plane rides. I immediately feel refreshed and while it can be pretty oily I just pat over wet spots and voila instant skin refresh.

One item I have difficulty with now is mascara as I went out and got a Maybelline big lash Volume mascara it won't stay on my lashes for the love of the $5 I paid for it.
So I am stuck with Smashbox's Full Exposure which works great for a few hours and it seems to kill my eyelashes after a weekend or try another sample out of the trillion of samples I got from Birchbox.

Aside from eyes I love my hair and on vacation one thing I do is try to kill it with over styling and pounds of hair products. Thus, I won't leave anywhere without the Enjoy Leave-In Conditioner  after waking up late and trying to figure out what to wear; my hair is the last thing I think about and usually throw it in a pony tail but, I can't do that with short hair. I now squirt this conditioner in and away I go.

Now, sometimes I have to share a room and its okay but sometimes its a guy along for the trip so I discovered this simple English Laundry 3 in 1 Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner that will prevent him from using your Shampoo and Conditioner. Plus he'll smell great ( really great ).

Now the one thing I totally admit I am very bad about is sunscreen. I really need to have someone spraying or lathering me up with 10lbs of lotion because I was out in the sun for thirty minutes one friday afternoon and my arms got burnt.
I went ahead an purchase travel /sample size of sunscreen in bulk so I don't have the excuse anymore for getting burnt. Yet, I will still probably get the one spot on the obscure part of my body will be bright red.

Also everyone will be your best friend for giving them some sunscreen.

The one thing I did decide on for this next trip is not to bring a suitcase just for makeup.

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