Saturday, March 5, 2016

Pismo Beach Pics overdue

**** due to some miracle I found some pismo beach pictures from my trip not too long enjoy *****

I stayed in Atascadero while I went to the Sunset magazine Savour and I took Amtrak down to SLO grabbed a Zipcar then before I knew it I was in Pismo Beach.

Pismo was nice to go to but its still very very expensive to live there infact from what I could tell most people that lived in Pismo Beach worked in Santa Barbara about an hour away. So when I arrived on a nice week day I had the place to myself.

The restaurants and beach were quiet which was nice but at the same time I kept a keen eye on what I saw and there is a lot of Salt Water Taffy in fact so much I surprised the ocean is still functioning.

but alas it was and I walked it at least twice..

totally worthwhile to spend a weekend out of town and downtown Pismo and be sure to grab a Zipcar

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