Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sonoma Downtown

Recently, I headed north and found myself wandering around Sonoma.

Easily a great day trip to a weekend destination. Sonoma holds a lot of charm and wine.
Lots of wine!

But first lets check out the downtown
There is all these nooks to explore and find everything from cheese to chocolate.

You will not need or have a want for food or wine in downtown Sonoma that has a central park and some amazing shops to help complete any needs or wanton designs.

Lodging maybe a little difficult to decide on but right smack middle on the other side of City Hall is a National Park complete with historical information for your 8th Grade history paper.

There is a lot history and you can enjoy looking thru the time passed while you walk up and down the streets into some amazing neighborhoods.

Just don't forget to try the wine ....

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