Monday, May 23, 2016

Trains, Bus, and Automobiles

As you know by now I like to take time away and some of my "aways" are just a hop, skip and jump away.

Like when I grab a Zipcar and head toward the ocean to the hills.

Lately I have also been taking a train to run north for a quick hop, skip and jump.
Taking Caltrain is conveniently fast and efficient for the most part.

I even have taken the bus from Paso Robles to San Jose. We took the path so well known and traveled. Not an incident needed or perpetuated. I was relaxed and there was free wifi ( still Amtrak only has wifi in one or two cars but not all???) on the bus.

Weather has been on and off. The day I traveled to Stanford University to take pictures it was cloudy and trying to rain.
I tried to walk around but my allergies were far more convincing me that I should just go ahead and walk over to the Stanford Shopping Center instead.

Yet, the day I go to the Coast I could not have asked for better weather
Its hard to predict what transportation and weather can happen when you take a day off.

Yet, I can honestly say that however you get there sure to relax and enjoy your day off!

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