Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Where to go and What to do....in May

Now I admit I plan my personal time off way, way in advance ( usually Monday morning ) but sometimes that is impractical or just wishful thinking.

It should not stop you from some very cool events though...

Like what about the 5th Summit on being an Entrepreneur?

Go South to Pismo for some Chardonnay !  Like I wouldn't tell you about a wine event?

Head over to Morgan Hill for Mushroom Mardi Gras  for some hot weather and fungi!

Oh there is more ...in Baltimore!
This Saturday get Kinetic as in the Kinetic Sculpture Race or Whooping Cranes? Did you know those birds are endangered? On Endangered Species Day you can do a lot ...for free.

What about if you are in Vancouver, British Columbia? I do not know why I am surprised but I found out about the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival  as the first event anyone anywhere should go to in Vancouver should go to.
Equally unsurprising is the Point Grey Village Music and Food Fest happening on May 14th. Finally before Memorial Day Weekend check out Stooki Sound which I totally admit to misreading and thought it said Snooki.

Let's see where...oh you silly rabbit its May the best time of year to go to New York City. The city is beckoning you before the heat of the summer ( or snow? ) hits again.
Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend or how about some Crawfish for Cancer next weekend. Let's be honest if you can't check out all the films ...then you should at least check out the Taste of Tribeca

All in all there is a lot to do and a lot of places to go but, if you are in Kansas or Enterprise, AL trust me I know what's happening there too!
Drop me a line because you and I can have lots of fun!

Safe travels!

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