Friday, June 24, 2016

Does a Travel Blog require you to travel?

Okay...I am a bad blogger...specifically a travel blogger and a bad one at that.

This blog is on my to-do list like many things that somehow start at the top and move to the bottom by the time I look back at said list.

One reason that is sincere is the fact I have not traveled per se. I had plans to go to VidCon and those plans changed.

Then I did travel from San Jose to Redwood City to Fremont to Los Gatos...on a bus.

I have been taking the train and re-discovered some neat hideaways inside Silicon Valley.

When one does commute daily writing about travel seems a bit redundant.

I will try get back on track so to speak as I do have some photos and hacks to share.

Oh...right underneath "writing DayOff post" on my to do list is "Get Passport".

Will I need one to go to Texas? We shall see so hang in there I will get something up on the calendar here and bust out a couple posts.


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