Thursday, June 30, 2016

Places and Events to Travel to Fourth of July!

Here is a few locations and events you may want to go to for the Fourth of July weekend...

Starting Thursday, June 30th See MASS APPEAL you can fly into SJC or SFO and then head over to Sunnyvale and check out the CTC Summer Rep.

Or maybe you need a Festival on the Kansas City, Missouri on Friday, July 1st.

Okay maybe you rather play Golf? Then head over to the Govenors Island in New York City for a Free Game of Mini Golf. 

New York too far, what about Birmingham, Alabama on Sunday, July 3rd and catch the Damn Yankees play at the Virginia Samford Theater

Most everywhere there will be civic activities showcasing a firework display but my favorite spot is in front of the air conditioner watching the spectacle on the television complete with slices of watermelon and BBQ.

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