Tuesday, June 28, 2016

SWA Airline Credit ...where to next?

The general thought is once you change your plans you should also plot out your next trip if you have not already done so.

So what to do with my Southwest Airline Credit?

I will wholeheartedly admit I was looking forward to flying to Anaheim and hanging out for a few days. I had to redo my plans and Southwest made that simple and easy. Almost a little too easy.

Now, I figured by now I would have gotten a new set of plans and I am pretty sure I do have some.

Except When?

I was thinking of Portland, Oregon or Las Vegas.

Then there was the option of going someplace completely new.

Baltimore, does Southwest fly there?

What about New Mexico?

Or should I stick with what I know so I am able to enjoy the time I have ?

I admit I like to travel and going to the airport is pretty much awesome for me.

Yet, I heard about the lines and the wait and the hassle.

My GO Bag is calling me to fly ...but where?

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