Tuesday, July 5, 2016

8 Weeks and 16 Weekends till Labor Day

Now that summer is in full swing you need to plan your next couple of days off.

With the heat and some cheap views you can spend the next 8 weeks enjoying your time off.

Grab your bike and go on a bike tour..some are overnighters too! July 9th.

If you know I am doing a #ChristmasInJuly nonprofit info for this over on my other blog but check out UrbanPlay  they are doing something on July 9th with Sports Basement

One way to beat the heat is to set sail in Alaska ! Check out Singles Travel trip in Alaska and some other boat cruises.

Maybe you rather work out a little more and so the SF Triathlon ? Check out this Alcatraz preview

Maybe if you don't want to exercise but find more information check out a few events like the Finding Needs Assessment study in Aptos.

You like Cons of all kind and you can't wait for Comic Con but one con you maybe interested in is HaitiCon 2016

Here is a cool event that has a fundraising component to it ...Check out the 4th Annual Comedy and Wellness event with Wednesdays Gift 

If you have not noticed most of these events are free or low cost...maybe my next post will be all the expensive events you can go to :)

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