Sunday, July 31, 2016

Fancy and Not So Fancy ....travels

Recently, I was discriminated against a travel agency. It wasn't totally unexpected since I was honest in my expectations and wants and desires.

I was not asking for the moon I was asking to keep my trip affordable.

That is apparently is a big no-no.

Remember I have spent less than $200 traveling up and down California on more than one occasion.

I admit (shamelessly) supporting and appreciating Motel 6 hotels for being exactly what I need when I need it. The extra bonus is the customer service on top has made my travels good to remember.

I happily tweet and retweet about a car-sharing program with Zipcar which has moved me as much as Amtrak and other public transit of late.

So why was I out of line to seek a comparable travel trip utilizing a travel agent.

The proposal was nice and granted on a good day after a free paycheck hanging out on a boat sounds nice but its only one free paycheck and trust me its gotta last.

The other issue was the deposit and needing a credit card to make a $50 deposit for something that was 100x more expensive.

So I fly to San Diego Coach and then stay overnight in a hotel that is just plain over priced to rest my head only to wake up at the crack of dawn to get on a boat that won't leave till noon then go out to sea to go further south for one or two days?

People I love Singles International Travel and would rather buy 3 trips with them then spend money on a travel service agent whom apparently charges 5x more than the average boat cruise to Mexico.

I tried to reason it out, search the reasoning for a glimmer of hope aside from someone overselling me an very expensive trip to Mexico.

Do I need to stay in a 4 Star hotel for basically 8 hours at best?
Do I need to go to Cozumel and can't I go to Cuba instead?
Why can't I have a private tour of me and me alone?

I guess it is not done period. Well unless I become a travel agent ..

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