Sunday, July 24, 2016

Journaling your travel

I take transit that passes by this great big art store that advertises how to create a Bon Voyage trip journal. I went into the establishment and was amazed at some of the creations provided as examples everything was recorded from plane tickets to train concert tickets.

I even saw an example of where someone recorded in a journal the trip to go pick up a puppy the humane society.

All the inspiration made me think of how I travel and why sometimes without thinking I carelessly toss aside memorabilia that would work so much more better than my (lame) photos ..

Alas, I put aside my fears and thought of what my basic trips do include so this week I will highlight some of those "trade secrets" I adore.

But first, let me be honest all my trips start here

Whether by train or car my first and last stop is usually a bus stop. I have taken transit just about everywhere I have gone and that includes Sacramento and Reno respectively. 

That said additionally, if I don't have a Zipcar I am not traveling

Next I usually use or I will find a rare dollar savings on Motel which so far has done an awesome job housing my trip excursions. 

Finally, one thing I usually have in my trips is well...totally expected 

There will be water...what you thought I would say wine...not so ...I value being near the ocean usually more than I value wine. 

Oh and you can be darn sure I will take some great off the cuff photos of ...

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