Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Destination : Beach

As the weather starts its turn into Fall I made an effort to head to the beach.
That involved some planning so to speak

There had to be reading material
Magazines are great for this and remember some local libraries have a section of discarded magazines where you can pick up a recent issue of your favorite mag for free.

Next you might want to grab a Zipcar because Hwy 1 doesn't quite have a bus service though you can bike it pretty easily .

Next you may need some thing that we all should wear before we leave the house. I just happen to have a lot of because of my natural aversion to the sun.
Now one does have to be in need of refreshment on said beach and did you know most restaurants have these great take out items that you can stow away for such a trip? 
you can get some really good treats 
instead of say a bag of chips? 

Sometimes if you head out too early you may find yourself walking for a bit be sure to check out some sites before planting yourself on a sandy beach.

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