Thursday, September 1, 2016

Destination : Diet?

I have to go to the gym regardless of the day or week or if I am trying to relax.
It is not an option for me even when I choose not to step inside a gym I have to take heed and watch what I eat or walk or try to swim in the hotel pool.

Recently, I found myself indulging in some delectable not so bad good food but, still my diet when I am on vacation....doesn't exist. There is the three drinks to every plate rule meaning having three drinks of water to every plate of food so you will feel full faster and be too busy to go to the restroom to eat more. I think I missed the part where it said water because I enjoyed some great cocktails.

What about only eating small plates mean the whole plate? That might be too much plastic. Okay, that was silly to hint that one would eat their small plate as well but sometimes you want to especially if the dish is delicious. The visual trick is you think you are eating alot because the food serving is almost as big as the plate. What you don't realize is how many small plates you eat which if you do count can add up. 

Try different exercises while on vacation. Yes, this is great way to learn a new dance or experience yoga or bike 100 miles ( a 100 miles ???? on vacation...okay). Sometimes the hotel doesn't have a full fledged gym or just one treadmill that is stuck in the incline position for Mt. Everest. This works again in conjunction with you adding in your diet which I totally think is possible as long as you don't tell people you are on it. 
Don't eat and bring your own food. Yes this plan works if you are on a severely restrictive, allergy induced diet because you are traveling in the one location called Chocolate or Bread or Sprinkles where everything is 1000 calories and is covered in Sprinkles. The reassurance that you have food for your two day trip is good but the fact you had a freight charge from the airline meant you couldn't buy Christmas Gifts for the kids. Most destinations have alternative food options and I have yet to find a location with out a major grocery store. Then again I can not wait to go to Cuba. 
Food Trucks do not have to disclose their calorie information and can trick you with the small plates that your order of tri tip sandwich with homemade gluten free chips and a diet drink for $18.60 is a great deal and won't kill your diet just your wallet because the serving size is "foodtruckcompact". Yet, even after you finished your 6inch sandwich and 6 chips washed down with about 6oz of semi warm lite beer you added nearly 600 calories to your diet. 

Keeping to one item at time will allow you to try a lot of food over a larger span of time to keep your diet incheck. Its a rather new way to check out a new place. 
Go restaurant to restaurant i.e. One place you have a glass of local wine or cocktail, another you have an appetizer, next hot spot on the list check out their soup and / or salad then end your own food tour with dessert. 

It allows you to keep the regular restaurant bill to about $10 ( yes you have to tip too even on happy hour specials ) and if you are in a special district at your destination you got to try a lot of the local flavors. You also don't need to worry about reservations as most restaurants do a modified bar menu where you can seat yourself. 

Just remember to enjoy yourself and have dessert you are on vacation afterall. 

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