Sunday, September 18, 2016

Summer Time Event Travel...

This past summer I did do a lot of events and travel to and fro. Day to Night there was a lot of events I went to ...

Technically Summer here in Oz is from April to October but this year it started in March and the inaugural Silicon Valley Comic-Con while it was a local event I had a great time learning about time travel and virtual reality and well some great characters like meeting Dee Guardia a Cosplay player who is also a Mom.

Then in April I was back down south at San Luis Obispo Cal-Poly for Design Village Aura. I combined this trip with an lot of other events I was doing as I headed over to Morro Bay for more fun after last fall hanging out in Santa Margarita for the Sunset Magazine event .

Then in May I headed over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sonoma for Sunset Celebration Weekend. I admit I was really disappointed this year and doubt I will return to another Sunset event. I did discover Sonoma again which is on my list of places to go again....

When June started I admit going around and partying was not in my plans. I had to find a new job fast and fortunately I know lots of different ways to network. I found a job but not without going to community events and special events like Cinnabar Golf Course Music Series and Events. I got out of the house which is sometimes the hardest thing to do when you don't have a means to go to events.

In July I rediscovered local events like the Stanford Shopping Center Jazz Festival where every Thursday nite I got to listen to amazing artists and chill. It was an hysterical scene to me because so so many people would bring full seating sets and lots of food and wine to these events. Thursday definitely started the weekends for me.

The dogs day of summer started in August after an emotionally charged and difficult July, it was enough to make an appearance at some events. Oh there was a LOT of events from Alzheimers to Cinequest August was packed going up and down Silicon Valley from San Francisco to San Jose everyone had something to do and be seen at.

September means that it doesn't stop with Anne and Mark's Art Party and a whole lot more on the calendar than there are days in the month one can easily find themselves busy faster than a bunny rabbit. While staying local isn't technically traveling all was out of this world.

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