Monday, September 26, 2016

Travel Blogs that do it better...

I admit my next couple of trips are totally vanilla state side excursions that really only prove how I now spoil myself since my parents can't do it for me.

Here are a few travel blogs that are just fabulous

Landlopers  Follow them on Twitter or just go straight to their blog.
Its amazing good.

From Tech to locations National Geographic has it they got their own travel

The New York Times travel is not bad per se. but sometimes they get me and I am like ...I have to read more only to be disappointed by sponsored content.
Here is one article I liked

Blogging about travel is easier to do on Twitter or atleast that is what the Travel Blogger is doing 

The fact is that blogging and twitter are almost merging at this point and I will explain that later but the reality is we type something up and post it or tweet our thoughts about an article ...

There is just better people who do this than I but I am not going lie I am still going to post here and have lots of fun doing it.

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