Friday, October 28, 2016

Teneo Hotels...definitely something worthwhile to enjoy

Over the summer I met a east coast hotel group called Teneo Hospitality Group they were hosting the event at Steins Beer Garden where they also raised funds for a local charity with donating Toms shoes to it.

 it was a great summer day and there was a lot of hotels there
 Of course there was a great selection of IPA and brews to keep everyone happy
I met a great event group company that helps with Destination management
The Teneo team was awesome raising awareness and giving back to the commutnity. 

 There was some great big hotel like San Antonio Texas

it was also nice to local hotels like the Chaminade Resort in attendance 

Definately if you are looking for a new hotel group to experience Teneo is one I would venture to be a good bet. 

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