Sunday, October 30, 2016

Where to next?

The next 13 months are filled with anticipation I am to find a new place to live because the basic fact with retail taxes nearing 10% locally ( Oct 1st San Jose enacted a 9% sales tax ) my dollars that became nickels and dimes are down to the last couple of pennies.

So where will I go next?

That is what the traveling will be focused on.

Locations like

Sacramento, CA

San Luis Obispo, CA ( this is the last time before it falls off the list completely )

Eureka, CA (still doubtful but much more money feasible)

Salt Lake City, Utah  ( there maybe transit there )

Detroit, Michigan ( there isn't transit there but there is jobs )

North Carolina, West Virginia, New Mexico round out the list.

Even if I am able to get a job that pays a living wage San Jose is a great place to live but I can not afford to live here.

One way to visit all these places and more is to check in with All Things Meeting event on November 16th in San Ramon.

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