Sunday, January 15, 2017

Campbell Tour...

The rains have given way to a few days of impeccable sunshine that just makes everything great. A place where everything is great and new is Campbell, California.

I lived in Campbell in the early aughts where I had a dog and a stove. While my humble abode of 700 square feet today goes for three times more I still visit the City that I thought I could lead.

 The City is about 10 Miles square with a population of just over 200K with just 1% to 3% actively voting. You probably know Campbell from the numerous and multiple festivals and the lightrail passing thru.
 The town has lots of history all of which is very proud and constant image of the "olde towne" feel you get when you look around. Campbell was probably a great place to start in California
 The main street is not actually the main street its the downtown area that is where you will find yourself at one of the numerous festivals from Octoberfest to Easter Parade.
 Campbell is also in a constant state of re-invention courtesy of a probable reinvented redevelopment team that is part of the Business Chamber. If one store closes another opens up or another restaurant will take its place.

There are dogs EVERYWHERE in Campbell you will see them usually with their owners and some are paired with children too

While its great to Orchard Valley Coffee you will enjoy the best darn coffee but you will see everyone from the Chief of Police to the City Council members coming in for the morning constitutional. It is a prerequisite if you plan to be part of the community to come to the Orchard the wifi.

Campbell City Hall, Police, Veterans Memorial, Library and Ainsley House is all on the same block so you can see why people love it for the Summer Jazz Festival every year.

 Campbell Downtown version of Santa Barbara's Downtown so you know I love to go when the sun is just creeping over the hills and I remember walking Peanut getting coffee or sneaking in watching all the farmers market get started

Campbell does have a night life just don't tell the neighbors 

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