Sunday, January 22, 2017

Grab Your Passport for Wine!

One thing I do adore unconditionally is wine. I can stroll thru the aisles, stare at the end caps, and ask mundane and unusual questions about wine just because I have nothing better to do.

Yesterday was a great day for the Women's March and it was enough sunshine to stroll around the hillsides of Oz ( Silicon Valley ) and try some wine.

These events are usually called Passports and I totally recommend you doing them too.

Upcoming ones are pretty amazing just like me you will find yourself learning more about wine than drinking it.

Try a smaller version to start, like at a local hot spot. Here its Santana Row and this Wednesday, January 25th there is a Wine Stroll. For $40 you can shop and drink some great wines from local wineries.

Then go ahead and graduate to a local wine growing region and there are just about every state there is some kind of wine growing region. Here we have the Santa Clara Valley with their passport the weekend of March 17th and there is always great events. Be sure to check out Fortino's and Solis Wineries.

Usually once spring starts you can pretty much find a wine passport event everywhere. If you want to meet wine makers and learn about the different wine growing regions and types of wine that grow check in with the Santa Cruz Winegrowers  on a day that you will need a drink...April 15th.

Let's say you are really looking for the experience of experience check out the Food and Wine Magazine events from Pebble Beach to Rhode Island you will find new wines and maybe new friends too.

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