Sunday, January 29, 2017

Not a Travel Book

On my soon expiring personal blog I have upheld my hope to read a book a month. This is actually pretty easy to do since I commute, so when I looked for books on travel I was a little mystified at some formats. So then I searched Personal Travel Journeys and a book came into my hands.

It was not a travel book or a book about a journey that I would like to take but all the same...
Cats and Daughters by Helen Brown is actually an excursion into the selfish echo chamber one can find themselves in. Even in Sri Lanka.

The book caught my eye solely by the look at the cat on the cover. Do not think this is a book about traveling with a cat. This book is about cancer, religion, ignorance and a woman's ego.

This was Helen Brown follow up book to Cleo and she might have written it in a rush. In fact maybe the editor was in a rush. This book should have had about 25% filler cut out and started when she traveled to Sri Lanka. That is when the story kinda got interesting.

Yet, you have to drudge thru a dozen chapters with the journey of a Breast Cancer patient and a cat.

An innocent cat who is taken in by a woman who really should not have pets she is to focused on herself to notice her husband needs or that he would like a Nipple. Yup Nipple Nipple Nipple ....I said it apparently the word is forbidden in Australia.

Don't know why Helen Brown insisted on the absurdity of telling the reader she went to a talisman who told her she would be successful she is so arrogant she has to be successful.

Instead she assumes that when she falls victim to cancer that her ex-husband paid for the plane ticket for her daughter to travel all the way from Sri Lanka to be by herside.

SHE PROBABLY DIDN'T TELL HER DAD SHE WAS GOING ! Again her father is so out of the picture its incredibly sad but what made this whole transformation of her daughter so wrought was the complete second voice of Helen Brown reciting her own mothers ignorance. Brown blames the monk for her daughters decision instead of trying to ask her daughter direct questions she lets her daughter fall silent.

Ignorance again and again from being surprised her daughter's boyfriend spent the night to when she is told in Sri Lanka that the Monk paid for her daughters plane ticket. Oh and when one of the workers tell her the cat is a different breed she objects the information first only to research it later but not say Thank you to the worker?

Helen Brown fails to appreciate Sri Lanka beauty and culture and history from the monk's need to show the tea fields to the ingenuity of the society complete water and roadway system. She also has huge disdain for the people complete with fear of a woman who sweeps out a scorpion describing her as a praying mantis instead of the elegance of a ballet dancer.

In the closing pages Helen is back in Australia and she meditates ( how chic!) but when Jonah the beautiful blue eyed cat on Prozac tries to scurry away Helen uses her newly discovered telepathic powers to stop the cat which is just how absurd this book is because it is not a travel book unless your journey is to arrogantly describe your life and forgo the benevolence others have paid you.

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