Sunday, January 1, 2017

Ok I know I have said this before....

But this time I mean it ...when I do shelve my personal blog I will be devoting more time to this one.

One way to do that is at least a weekly post and this month my theme is going to be TOURS ...

I know that sounds about exciting as sandpaper but the reality is I have been sick for at least two months and travel just hasn't happened.

2017 may be another year of little to no travel due to the world climate and whomever the PEOTUS pisses off.

To get started here are some links to some great guide books...

The San Francisco Bay Area is priviledge to have a great like Tom Stienstra he is probably the most valuable guide to grace the area. His Camping guides are the holy grail and he has written a little fiction novel too.

Fodors can be found at the local library and still holds up after time and time again. Whether you are looking for activities or lodging or unique places you can find Fodors there first.

When I was looking at Charlotte on the East Coast ( there is on in both South and North Carolina and then Virginia) I found The Scout Guide  to be invaluable and insightful. Sometimes I am just not looking for Civil War past but the living Civil War the descendants and what happened to who and who made it here.

While I admit I am not moving any time soon, Nashville Tn but Nashville Wife Styles is probably a good indicator I would go at some point ...maybe this year if just for the sales !

Milada V unsplash 

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