Sunday, January 8, 2017

Tour of Albany, CA

I have been thinking about Albany alot. Aside from New York, there is a few other states with Albany in there.

The Albany, CA here north of me is situated between Berkeley and El Cerrito both bustle of politics, population, and lots of people.

When I visited Albany I really wanted to check it out and see what's what.

Turns out Albany is growing however slowly it can. One thing I do recommend is to walk carefully the sidewalks along the main drags are pretty nice and you might miss something special if you are not paying attention.

First off, head over to The Boss for a their burgers and fries they have this great nostalgic soda fountain that gives you peek into Albany's historic past

Enjoy a great meal and feel right at home.

Next work off your meal with a game of bowling at Albany Bowl

Games are fun and the lanes are always hopping.

Another spot to check out is the Community Center that is also an hotspot of events including Celebrity Game Night in March

One thing about Albany is you are going to find the exotic and unique here including in the storefront designs that hark back to a yonder from the Aquarium to Glass Shop there is a lot of art to see.

Finally, enjoy the drive with the amazing shorefront that stretches i-80

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