Sunday, March 12, 2017

Destination Event

Is it the destination or the event that makes us travel?
Also why is everyone going to Iceland?

That said, last year I was super excited about a couple events that were happening on or around my birthday. Lo and behold this year that holds true again.

Unfortunately, I am without a Zipcar option this year and I am trying to navigate again utilizing a few options.

Here is a short list of events that are happening that I know you would love to go to too!

March 14th to 19th San Luis Obispo Film Festival  and Paso Robles March 17th to 19th Vintage Paso Zinfandel Weekend
Santa Clara Valley Spring Passport is March 17th too

Redwood Coast Music Festival in Eureka, CA starts March 30th and features some amazing musicians ( here is a tidbit Eureka is rivaling Cochella and Burning Man for unique events away from media )

Fortunately, Silicon Valley Comic Con will be local for the most part in April

May 20th- 21st Sunset Celebration in Sonoma at Cornerstone (again)

VidCon is rivaling SDCC for massive crowds but also for amazing content in June.

Fortunately, most baseball is available by Public Transportation including the Sacramento River Cats games that feature some unique events too.

July is All-American but there is a lot to do too on the race track with Motorsports 

This is just a short list of Northern California events not even including half of the great events happening in Santa Barbara along with Solvang.

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