Sunday, March 19, 2017

It's Confirmed Everyone is going to Iceland

I did not get the memo on the whole Travel to Iceland NOW but apparently everyone else did.

Seriously, what about Cuba? I thought that was the "cool" place to go but who knows maybe we should put Greenland or Antarctica on alert because tourism isn't about doing things its about going to Iceland.

Seriously, Iceland? I apologize for me trying to wrap my head around that but the reality ...Iceland?

I also feel very very bad for Australia. Why? Well, there has been a new crop of literature about being in Australia From Big Little Lies to Cats and Daughters

Its like in a few years there will be a new batch of stories from India which is experiencing a middle class strife that mimics that of the 1940's USA middle class issues.

Yes, good writing is just that but lately I have tried to find some good reading books and honestly- its hard. I nearly picked up a copy of War and Peace just because I couldn't do another "recovery novel" or whatever people are writing about their experiences with Cancer.

Honestly, people are writing about Cancer like its a characteristic not a condition that absorbs light in a room.

So if you are not going to Iceland check out Chicago I hear it can be cold just like Iceland.

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