Saturday, March 25, 2017

Leave It Behind!

The thought or practice of turning off electronics or leaving the laptop at home is not new.
Yet, there is a practice or newfound habit that is all the rage to turn off electronic devices for up to 72 hours.
I did it a bit this weekend by traveling without my constant laptop companion.

Additionally, I left my phone on Airplane mode so I wasn't getting updates about something on Twitter.

Partly, I was celebrating my birthday and I didn't want the hassle of it.

Yes, the laptops, readers and smart phones have become a hassle, a burden that causes some serious anxiety.

I know I felt it to promote a few events and even share my experience on Saint Patrick's Day weekend.

I decided to do a Beer Crawl which wasn't good or bad but there was more than one person in the group constantly texting and sharing photos and well...being very rude to be honest.

Watching this person earnestly try to capture every moment and post up so many topics I just felt grateful I wasn't one of the "1000's of people looking at my feed- I got 55 ReTweets just now"

The whole time I paid close attention to the rest of the group by our fifth pitstop the "Social Butterfly" had worn out any good graces and now was just annoying.

The second problem was that St. Patrick's Day was on Friday and EVERY BAR / Brewery / Wine Shop was PACKED.

The event was suppose to take maybe 90 minutes ( Happy Hours end at 7pm ) so the 6pm start was ideal except the organizer who sent a laundry list of Rules was stuck in traffic. In the delay a few of us conjured up a new set of Rules.
It was fraught with trepidation.

I would recommend if you are on vacation doing an "social event" like this may not be a good idea. There was three pairs of out-of-towners in our group and it was okay

I bailed just because there was always a line and always someone had to use the restroom ( Did you not read the rules? was asked a few times )

I just liked the idea of meeting people and going to some bars but maybe it was just the wrong type of event so ....I am glad I tried it ...but you should too...

and by try it ...leave the smart phone in your pocket (purse) and just enjoy the company of complete strangers struggling to find a bar right next to the SAP Center

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