Friday, March 17, 2017

Let's Go Over There....

Dear PatriciaAppelquist.Blogspot reader,

You have not been abandoned but just redirected to go find that space and time that you were taking on a day off.

When I started my personal blog it was with the goal of becoming a politician or the very least a City Council Member but that was for naught and I am better for it.

Why? I am a better customer than I am a cashier. I would rather take the road around the bend than the superhighway that runs thru the metropolitan city.

It is difficult to say what is next but trust me I get a ton of advertising newsletters from a variety of sources that I don't think I will run out of material soon.

Speaking of running out of material let me state right now at this time I am not a travel agent.
Additionally, I am not interested in becoming an exclusive Disney travel agents ( those people are producing like rabid rabbits and not in a good way ).

I just rather take a trip than go to work and I don't want my work to be taking a trip.

So, hold on...I am planning a trip and I feel a sinus infection start so we'll see how it goes.

Right now we are just getting in the car to go...


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