Sunday, March 26, 2017

We Are Never Eating There !

Recently I declared that I will never let me or my companions eat a common place diner. It is a National Chain that is synonymous with travel and road food.

It is NOT iHop or In/Out or Sonic or Black Bear Diner.

Its got menu items that go $2 $4 $6 $8 and could be a person's Name ( no it is not Wendy's McDonalds or Burger King )

This eatery is more integrated into the road stops and truck depots around the country.

Even if there was a Zombie Apocalypse and this restaurant was the last place of refuge I would object and vehemently.


Well, you know commercial where things are advertised for a $1

Granted there maybe tax and there maybe overages but when a take out order that is $3.99 becomes $5? I was suspicious but I just wanted french fries go....

It was taking way way too long to a) get the waitstaff attention b) them to make/ take the actual order c) process the transaction.

I admit my hunger pains were not on the murderous side but I had NO PATIENCE zilch non existent.

That makes it my fault right I went in thinking they sold french fries to go ..I should have just gone to an actual restaurant like McDonald's right.

I am refraining from actually mentioning the eating establishment because I am human and understand that Karma works where the zombie apocalypse will start and I will have to go to this eatery for shelter.

At least that is probably now my greatest fear...

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