Wednesday, April 5, 2017

$150 vs $348 in Hotel Rooms

I have been traveling and planning to travel to do. My astonishment is the astronomical if not comical prices of hotel rooms today

Especially if you are just going to sleep or stay in the room for one nite!

Yes, I understand if you are going to a hotel room to spend the day in the hotel there should be opportunity to have what happen? You relax and sleep in? You eat fresh fruit and chocolate? The exact same activities you were going to do regardless of the hotel.

I will admit to staying at Motel 6 and I have enjoyed other hotels too but when I am going on vacation I don't want 50% of my annual income to go into staying at a hotel that I will only spend 8 hours in a day at most!

Yes, I am thinking of arranging a trip with my siblings to stay at Allegretto Hotel in Paso Robles only because the opportunity to GET AWAY sounds amazing I just have the issue of trying to get there since Zipcar and I are not working out.

The average weekend night at Allegretto is $300 which is great with packages from wine tasting to boating. The expense is worth it from the beds to the bathroom to the fire places in the courtyard you immediately are relaxed the minute you walk in.

That is if you are going to stay on the grounds.

Not me, I am go go go there and here and then back again. From events to movies to wine tastings I can be found in the hotel room getting ready to or just coming back so I would rather spend $150 for my hotel room because I am going to do three things in there which all start with sleep.

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