Sunday, April 16, 2017

Dear Chamber of Commerce...

When I go to book a hotel room there is three windows I have open,...

The site, site and Google Maps from there I pick my destination this time it was Sacramento and then it was Gilroy.

I found some very reasonable hotels for my moderate price range.
Then I would check the hotel out on Yelp.
Then I would pick another hotel then Yelp then Google Maps for distance from to and fro.

I admit this is the worst anglo saxon first world problem to have ..planning travel.

The thing is that cities depend on tax dollars and after they have maxed out property and sales tax for revenue they start to go to the tourists. Hence why so many shows and events are happening in your city.

It is equally dismaying that if the Chamber of Commerce was as worthy of their membership fees they would work with the businesses in their cities. There is a membership manager right ? There is some basic stuff you can do to make a difference in your city.

Just reading a few bad reviews it is easy to see what some issues are basically customer service and staffing along with training.

The reality is that for that $500 membership fee for your chamber of commerce should be going to making business better not worse.

Why not help recruit posting open position or a link to the site? Why not hold a class for the community to learn how to work in a hotel? What about a software training for manager?

Yes that kind of outreach is difficult and yet the rewards are worthwhile !!!

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