Friday, April 28, 2017

Hashtag Comic Con

Sorry for my delay here but its been an interesting week to say the least.

Let's recap the Silicon Valley Comic Con first off this year the show was a month later in April and secondly


No, really this is the tent that was for registration and by huge its a good football field size in length 

Next the event actually started with a local event Drink and Draw on Thursday which was pretty nice event in general

This local event was pretty nice to see so many people really pumped
 for the evening which is saying something.
The three days started on Friday and the event stretched out to the Cesar Chavez Park infront of The Fairmont and reached down Park Avenue past The Tech Museum and wrapped around Civic National Center to the Convention Center to The California Theater on First Street basically about 6 city square blocks giving another convention a run for its money. 

There was a lot to see and people too because let's face it why do you go to a Comic Con

From a lot of opportunities to learn and meet great people there was a constant presence of excitement in the air from the Free Movie in the Park to the SETI SpaceBall on Saturday to Sunday's events with Grant Gustin and Tom Felton. There was a lot going on ..did I mention there were food trucks and stuff? 
SAE Institute

 there was a lot to catch and do and be part of .

Admittedly I did a lot of stuff done but by Sunday I was wiped out I stopped by the park and that was all she wrote. 

There is more to share and I will but right now...

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