Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Worst Travel Story.....#newseries

Okay, there is a good side to traveling around this planet of ours you get to see and be in places that are amazing.
Then there is the slide shows and postcards and the news reports. You probably have experienced some unfortunate times traveling but yours is not as bad as the person who has to tell you "The Worst Travel Story Ever...."

I got the chance to meet said person recently and while their travel may have been inconvenienced it wasn't the worst per say tapping into some rather fictional characters and scenarios ...let's see what the Worst Travel Story could be....

(please note this is fiction and more false and if you or someone you know experienced anything below ...I am sorry )

She heard the alarm sound as she stretched out in her bed reaching over to her adored boyfriend finding the space empty and cold. Her eyes opened as she blinked away sleep to see that he and somehow all his stuff was gone. His clothes and jacket missing from the closet and now she sat up and looked at the alarm
"Shit! Its' 7:30AM!" she exclaimed throwing the bedding off she threw her legs over the bed and then she saw it.
The apartment was empty no couch, no TV, and all her computer with studio equipment was gone. She stood up and promptly fell back down on the bed. Her clothes sat in a pile on the floor because the dresser was not there anymore.
She felt awash in nausea as she began to choke on vomit in her throat hurling her body over the foot of the bed she regurgitated her dinner on her Doc Martin shoes. Weakly she called out
"Pablo?! Pablo? Paul!?"
Her native tongue was Dayton, Ohio but she thought she knew enough Spanish after 8 weeks that she felt she could pass for a native in Mexico.
Desperate for water she slid off the bed onto the floor and started to crawl to the kitchen she could barely recognize the apartment and didn't notice the front door open where stood a burly man with a baseball bat. He started to yell incomprehensible words at her as she curled up on the floor much like a spider finding a corner. She couldn't remember anything suddenly except "Agua! Agua!" The man dressed in linen pants and shirt stopped yelling and looked at her scantly clad body in pity. In came the elderly woman that Pablo had pointed out to her.
"Mal contigo Turista?!" the woman said The man huffed and started to walk away he turned and said to the woman
"Sacar la basura ahora!" The woman nodded and went to grab her arm protecting her head.
"Sal Ahora! Turista Sal Ahora!!" she said over and over.
"My name is Emily and I paid for this apartment for four days!" she screamed.
The woman was dragging her across the tile floor stopped and replied
"Si y su quinto dia!" Emily didn't quiet comprehend she had at least one more day before leaving. Then she wrestled away from the woman and said
"Wait I will go just let me get some clothes on...(Emily tried to speak Spanish) complacer' a quince ...complacer a quince minutos y voy a estar fuera" The older woman sighed and nodded yes. She shrugged as she walked out of the apartment leaving the front door open. Emily looked around. She ran to the sink and threw up again she turned the faucet but no water came out.
"What the hell?" she said aloud to no one.
Suddenly, she realized something that she had been warned against when she originally booked the tickets. She ran back to the bedroom and frantically looked for her purse; the purse that she loved and she realized it was gone. Her luggage was gone, everything except the clothes that were in the dresser, the now soiled Doc Martins, and her mobile alarm clock were hers. She felt her head start to spin again as she braced herself to the bed as she started to fall to the floor again.
The woman returned to the room and started to yell, Emily quickly dressed and grabbed her shoes then she remembered that she put her passport in her shoes!
There was little hope when she found her identity soiled but still intact. As she stumbled out of the apartment into the bright morning sun with the woman yelling at her she tried to remember what day it was. She looked at the newspaper on the porch it read "15 de Mayo".
Emily slowly lowered to the ground her flight was for May 14th out of GDL for her trip to Jalisco, Mexico was only for May 11th to May 14th.
Emily looked around to see where she was as she remembered the US Embassy was nearby. She started walking North or what she thinks was North.
An hour later she arrived at the Consulate and began her journey back home....from her vacation.
*****Stay Tuned for what happens next...does Emily get home?***********

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