Thursday, April 27, 2017

Where To Go...May in Baltimore

I would love to travel more than I actually do but the reality is I can't because I have to work and while work does pay for the rent and eventually the travel alas not enough.

So let's check out what is happening in May in Baltimore in case you are going to go..

One thing about Baltimore you gotta know there are some boats there ...
charlie harataka unsplash

Enjoy a Crabfest by Smith and Wallace  with Vanalily bridal on May 7th its the first annual!!!

Check out A Night At The Opera at Gramercy Mansion on May 12th by Arts Education in Maryland Schools (AEMS) Alliance. 

On May 13th There is 5th Annual Mummy Tea Destiny!

Then on May 20th head over to Wine In The Woods 

Finally close out May with Brew At The Zoo on May 27th! 


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