Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Worst Travel Story Ever...get back to Dayton...

** When we last Emily she walked up to the American Consulate in Guadalajara, Mexico carrying her passport some clothes and trying not to cry very hard.
not an consulate

The grounds were kept neat and residents stared at her then looked away when she longingly met their gaze.
As she approached the guard box that was overshadowed by a tank, she got her passport out as the guard stood motionless, unwavering.
"Hello?" Emily meekly said "i need to get home"
The guard did not respond just kept looking ahead.
Emily shifted side to side as she did when she was nervous or near any kin of authoritarian figure.
Finally, the Station guard in the box open the door and said
"Are you an American Citizen?"
"Yes" Emily smiled as she said
"Too bad, the United States has ceased all travel between Mexico and there.The border is closed today and for the foreseeable future. There is nothing we can do for you." he said sternly with his square jaw set. Emily just remembered hearing a odd sound that started in her throat something similar to a cat's call for its litter. The sound eek'd out of her as she crumbled into a pile at the soldier's feet a torrent of tears.
The solider and Station Guard sighed as they have seen this scene repeat itself over and over.
It wasn't just Emily lost and suddenly distraught at the very real prospect of not ever getting back to the U.S hundreds of thousands of tourists were stranded at airports and the major borders.
avel from unsplash

A group of college students watched the scene unfold across the street, the guidance counselor who had not planned on being a chaperone to 4 college students tried to look away because she already had four headaches to worry about. As she went to go over to the pathetic soul the woman at the cantina walked over and gathered the messy girl away from the solider's glare.
Emily clung to the woman much like a baby holds onto a finger.
The sun weathered skin felt like soft leather as the woman placed Emly in a chair.
hugo rom unsplash
Emily quickly took the glass of water placed  in front of her.
The woman was not old but very wise as she spoke to Emily
"Now where do want to go?"
Emily couldn't think of anyplace except
"Back to Dayton, Ohio" she said

** This is complete fiction any events or similar names is pure coincidence.

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