Sunday, May 28, 2017

Vacay Indoors

So there you are on your way to XYZ place you are going to stay at ABC hotel and do MNO amount of stuff.
Then you get there and your credit card is declined.

What? You exclaim because its a three day weekend and everyone is on vacay you are finding the different stages of grief and angst all at once.

You deposited the last paycheck promptly leaving just enough money to cover the planned expenses then
A charge of $$$ for (This or That) takes hold of your account and you are now in a strange town having a bad case of the FOMO ( fear of missing out ) and your stomach hurts.

You limp home under the realization that you are beholden to the new era of money where credit cards are usually hacked because that store is so great and they got hacked and now you log in to your email to find a note left by the perpetrators that your subscription has been renewed for something you forgot about that happened at that one store over there.

Or the internet is down so what do you do...

Break out the Emergency kit and pop open that Emergency Radio that you need to hand crank because you never know if the power will go out next.

Aside from the torture that you have had to endure for a short time do realize a few things !
One you can prepay for most of your vacay one way to do that is to use ZipCar and prepay for your hotel stay on there you have your car and board.
Next whatever town you are in there may be farmers market and most three day weekends there is also town festivals that usually feature samples
Also one way to explore a town is to check out its Art centers like museums parks and other hotels.

Yes, you can limp home and stay indoors but that means you are safe and sound at home. The bank has been made aware of the issue and there isn't much you can do on Saturday nite at 9pm
Go take a shower and get to bed...tomorrow is coming and its all going to be okay...

Its okay to cry a little too...because you can deal with this period.

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