Friday, June 30, 2017

48 Hours in ....#Budget

Hiya, I am going to go on a trip and I hope you like what I do and see but, let's be honest I am only going with me in mind so ...let's talk budget in 48 hours.

The reality is that we do have to budget for travel is imperative
That we keep our focus on the goal of travel is a day off free from worry and concern. Yet, we constantly get super stressed about it. To the point that when we go on vacation or a trip or stay overnight we don't enjoy ourselves. 
Here are a few simple ways to make any vacation relaxing 
1. Pick a place you want to go i.e. Napa or Nashville
2. Do you want to stay busy or sleep the entire time? 
    Busy? Then check the local scene utilizing Eventbrite
    Sleep? Get an all in one hotel. 
3. Prepay as much as possible. SERIOUSLY! having everything taken care of from plane to train to Zipcar makes the trip that much more enjoyable. Hotels dot com has luxury hotels that will let you prepay for your room and trust me it is worth it. 
4. Any Day is Fine but let's face it Friday and Saturday is going to be crazy especially if its Prom Weekend ( Note : Check the calendar and such bc Prom weekend is POPULAR with hotels ) 
5. Do not Diet, honestly the two to four days that you are actually away from home is not worth the 100 calories you are saving by not enjoying yourself a slice of cake or some local popular dish. 
Finally, my budget for me during a 3 day stay is ...$500 spend ...I am not kidding. After hotel and car I saved enough money should I need to go to the Emergency Room or buy dinner for everyone. 
So basically whether I am going to Baltimore or Santa Cruz the budget is done way in advance with enough wiggle to go to the emergency room. 

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