Saturday, June 3, 2017

Summer Wine Vacation....

After my trip to Gilroy  I thought more about my trip to Napa and then I was hoping for another jaunt down to Monterey but with tourist season in full swing I might not be honest that my love for crowds is at an all time low.

Hence why people like wine vacations ...usually there are just adults and it usually means a quiet space.

Hence why I encourage people to head further south and go to Allegretto as Neil Cramer has taken time to be there he  agrees the space in Paso Robles is amazing and totally worthwhile for you to take time out even if you have to meetup with coworkers.

Yet, I understand not everyone is able to head North or South in California so why not head to the local grocery store and grab yourself a homemade wine vacation?
Okay I know what am I thinking? After spending all day in the backyard cleaning out the weeds and setting up the fire pit you purchased from that place over there and then heading back out to get the said firewood the only thing you want to drink is water
Because the old white rattan chairs are just not screaming "Summer" to you anymore. 
Oh and you live right next to the Super Highway - the orignial one called the 405 where the blaring heat from the asphalt is punctuated by the high pitch siren of an police car chase. 

Instead ...lets start with a glass ...even a nice clean glass and then from the cool refrigerator grab a bottle recommended by Randy Fuller  pour and then sip. 
If you are still standing go find your comfy spot and repeat to sip as you hide away from whatever chore you were going to do. 

Granted, this is not the Summer Wine Vacation you were planning ( side note - picture me throwing up my hands and grabbing my passport throwing money away on a trip to Provence - ) but the fifteen minutes you give yourself are the little moments that will matter and bonus points if you have soothing sounds on 

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