Thursday, June 22, 2017

Where to go ...AWAY FROM CROWDS....

I admit that I want to spend a weekend in the city with all the hustle and bustle but the truth is that is my EVERYDAY COMMUTING.

So where does one go if they would like to avoid the mass of humanity ?
Try a Ghost Town tour ...seriously from Rough and Ready, CA to Fort McAllister you can find a bit of history and some good times.

Next find a real life Sanctuary where Spa and Spa is all you pay attention to is you.

Guaranteed to be relaxing and mind opening is a Yoga Retreat in the Mountains  I can only imagine the stretching and openness.

Finally, book a hotel room anywhere ....seriously even if its for two days at Allegretto  you will be better for staying in your space, taking a long shower, noshing on nibbles and reading that book that you really do want to read. (hint I have read six books so far this year commuting ).

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