Saturday, July 15, 2017

48 Hours In ....Clothes I did not wear

When I went to SF I had three bags plus my purse along with a backback. Basically, I wanted to wear everything and anything and be stylish and hip for it.

Alas no....

I didn't completely go insane with bags but there was a lot to carry for one person and friends. Aside one bag had just gifts simple little trinkets I thought we'd all love ( fyi- NOT do not assume your galpals from high school that you have not seen in 10 years are going to like a "trinket" reminding them of said high school ).

I thought I would be able to change clothes a lot especially because I was "in SF" vs they were over by "SFO". Looking fresh and stylish for every outing is great if you are not left waiting for people to show up. 

So here is the  items I didn't wear
I had a Worthington Sleeveless sundress that is heirloom that I thought would be great for Brunch or a nice cuppa coffee in the neighborhood.
I totally forgot how cold it is in San Francisco and this dress is thread bare so unless I had two layers of slips would this dress work. 
Secondly, I thought I was going to spend my first night painting the town red instead of running to Meteron for a camera in a tight Torrid sequin skirt complete with an iconic t-shirt. 
Simply, not to be 
The last item is a longest skirt from Coldwater Creek that has this great gold beads at the waist and an iconic design that would have been awesome to wear dancing the Mombo or something super sexy because of the natural flair. 
These items looked nice hung up in the closet but really never made onto the City. 
My second bag was shoes. I admit I am human and have a need for foot coverings but again, these did not make it onto the Streets of San Francisco
I thought the Grey knee high boots would work under the silver Torrid Skirt with my edgy T-Shirt. Alas my feet stayed well ensconced in a sensible pair of tennis shoes. 
The red Nine West witches point flat shoes were going to be my dancing shoes and yet I never felt the need to cut off my pinkie toe the entire trip. 
The heirloom Liz Clairborne  peep toe wedge shoes were going to be the Sundress compliment or the alternative dancing or to waltz around the city. 
None of these shoes found their way on the street so when I finally unpacked I thought I should take a picture because the most I wore during my time was a Grey Sweatshrit with jeans and Converse shoes or a Dark Grey sparkle sweater on jeans with keds or the one sleeveless top with jeans and chucks spending the day in Sausalito. 

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