Sunday, July 9, 2017

48 Hours in ....San Francisco.

I got the opportunity to hang out in San Francisco.
One problem when I got to my hotel room my phone and camera were not in my bag.
So all the photos are from with artists names listed.
Otherwise here is my 48 hours in SF below.

First off, its the early afternoon when I get to my hotel in San Francisco City. This may confuse some as many people start their trip off in a city or location OUTSIDE San Francisco  and the Airport is acceptable but any city outside that is not considered being in the City no matter the "savings".
Derek T 
Tip: Most hotels are $200 a night and will let you put your stuff away till actual check in time. I had used again because 1) Prepay for your hotel and 2) Great deals when you book 60 days in advance.

Equally, use your Detective skills. as some "great deals" were more like a hostel in disguise. My goal was between $90 to $250 a night and this actually leaves a lot of options open. Three hotels I can safely recommend are Four Points @ SFO ($129 a night) Days Inn on Grove Street ($189 a night)  and if you can swing it the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins ($225 a night). I decided to be downtown and was able to drop off my bags to see the sights.
My first stop as should be anyone who is looking for dinner and a show should be to catch the sunset at Crissy Field you cross thru Marina District over to the Warming Hut (fyi 8 out of 10 times SF will be freezing so get use to hot beverages )
Tim W.
for a little something something and then watch the spectacular fog roll in as the sun sets ( this is also when I found out I didn't have my camera with me ).
Head back to your hotel and check in.
Tip: SF is only 49 Square Miles tempting to walk the entire city but use Public Transit or the Pedal Bikes Services will save you time and your feet.
After a quick change a roo and confirmation I did not have my phone or camera I sighed and nearly cried.
Everyone goes to SF with at least ONE CAMERA and by everyone I mean EVERYONE goes to San Francisco. Thus, I was now on the hunt for one camera at 8pm at night fortunately there is a Target in SF ( I know that sounded like sacrilege but I had limited patience and limited funds to go out and buy a camera )
Ian D
I headed down to the Meteron; postponing a fancy dinner, I was trying not to spend more than $100 on a camera. All I could find that was 'in stock was kid like FujiFilm instant film fllmsy and cheap camera things. I basically left having wasted my time and promised to superglue my camera / phone to me next time I travel.
Feeling dejected I traveled to my next stop on my itinerary at the Punchline Comedy Club where you can't take photos anyway but, I had my tickets.
You should understand that I had all my events planned and prepaid for much of it and  using my Clipper Card for travel getting to and fro allowed me to save money and time.
So I caught a show that night lifting my spirits. Speaking of spirits be prepared to spend about $40 to $60 on drinks and food just about anywhere. Here at the comedy club is the usual two drink minimum (a total of $25 with tip). Try to keep it to drinks only as food here wasn't an option for those really hungry.
Stephanie M.
Tip: Now it is about 11:30ish before you head back and  you remember your hotel near SFO so a cab ride is $75 where if your hotel is close to SF City Hall you can take Muni ($3) to get back to your hotel or....head over to the Barrel Head Brewhouse for a late night noshing sesh.
Here at Barrel House you can enjoy a plate and drink for about $55 to $60 per person unless you are  generous and share plates.

It is 2am and I have spent about $150 on my first day and ready to go back to  my hotel room and sleep.
 Side Note: One thing about SF it hums...from the errant siren to the Muni this city can be very noisy to some. I crashed about 2:30am and jolted awake at 6am. This was fine but, unless you are use to the sounds and such you are going to want to be at a hotel outside the city.
At 6am there really is only one thing to do in my humble opinion is to walk down to the Ferry Building. The hotel had some coffee to help get me start walking  as I headed down Market St.
Tip: Walking Market Street isn't for everyone so, know your own limits because I did see a pair of tourist appalled by the humanity as I was entertained / enthralled by it.
The Ferry Building was my destination anyway so I did the trek (2.5 miles) which can be pretty amazing reflection of humanity from the transients huddled in alcoves to the feverish street sweepers to the local authorities wrapping up their shifts I saw a lot of humanity on my trek. The fog adds this cool effect as it starts to move back
Rezaul K.
revealing the cityscape of old and new.
I was dumbstruck many times over at unique views and some rather interesting characters. Also, Muni bus drivers tend to be focused so be sure to wave off a bus if you are not taking one. I stood awestruck at Market / 6th near the Warfield at a bus stop so I had to move along after a couple of buses stopped due to my presence.
At the Ferry Building you can enjoy a gourmet breakfast, I started with a strong brew of Peets before heading over to Boulettes Larder for breakfast this allowed me to walk the hall of gourmet delights.
I could easily spend all day here just noshing on all the delectable eats and I think I need something from Sur La Table but I don't know what.
I tried to keep a budget of $300 for my 2nd day because I know I can easily spend an entire month's salary in SF. Breakfast and coffees rounded up to $70 for two people.
James D
Next, I pre-purchased Ferry Tickets as you can go to Mare Island or Sausalito this simply saved time and money.
In Sausalito you can do three things, walk, eat or shop. Yet the reality is there is a lot more and the Bay Area Discovery Museum is near the The Marine Mammal Center  . While I was budgeting I really found a lot to do in Sausalito and the Muir Woods is not far for a hike but remember you have to get back to the City and walk there.
The Sausalito Deli Gourmet is a nice place to grab a bite to eat but do not stay in Sausalito unless you are actually staying in Sausalito.
Tip: Remember your sunscreen as the sun is usually on in Sausalito and you can easily forget to put on sunscreen.
I got an early start and getting to Sausalito by 10am it was nearly 4pm before we were back on the ferry.
Meg S.
After the museums (hint some are free admission), grabbing nosh at the deli and finding a knickknack or two I left Sausalito spending $100 with a complimentary sunburn.
Back to the hotel I took a shower, nap, and vegged for approximately 45 minutes because we were going to the Alamo Drafthouse for movie and dinner. This is must do item because the Drafthouse is  iconic and shows some great films. You can pre-purchase your tickets and enjoy adult beverages I happily enjoyed the movie and accroutrements for less then $50.
Tip; San Francisco neighborhoods are one ontop of another so its easy to think Noe Valley is far away when its just a block over.
After the movie we were nearby Balancoire where you can get a Salsa Dancing or
Mitchell O
Tartine Bakery and the Latin American Club.
By Midnite I was happy to get off the Muni and over to my hotel room with sore feet and burnt arms.
The next morning I felt every bone in my foot and my head was aching a serious sinus headache ( remember there is every conceivable fauna in the City as well) so I took my time to physically get out of bed.
After packing and a quick cup of hotel coffee I was rounding up my 48 hours in SF with a long breakfast at Zazie this was where I finally had a breakfast like home. On my way back to the hotel I got caught up in the 2nd Hand store finds of a lifetime from Crossroads to Buffalo Exchange there is a lot of unique and stylish shops to spend your life savings in.
It was 1pm when I picked up my bags and checked out of the hotel room
Tip: Ask for a late check out the $$ is worth it as you only have 48 hours to spend.
I made my way back to the train stopping for one more cup of coffee at Sightglass Coffee which helped me understand a process of stovetop coffee.
I got on my train and headed south back to south down to the Land of Oz with a great experience and some nice memories.
Thanks to unsplash and the artists for the photos as I did find my phone and camera that I left on the counter at the train station.

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