Saturday, July 8, 2017

48 Hours in ...#Wine

Granted, I know when and where wine is pretty much all the time. I can find a wine bar in Fresno to Texarkana. I also travel to wine event from the Wine Blog Awards  to Decanter awards.

Yet, when I travel unless it is strictly already forbidden, I will try new wines here is how
Remember usually my 48 hours starts around 7pm Friday nite after I arrived at my hotel and dropped off my bags.
Having given any thought to food I usually look for wine.
One gold mine tends to be Grocery Outlet or Total Wine and More stores depending where you are at.  (side note: I like Beverages and More but not every town / region has one so I am going with what I have found in most places to be available ).
Finding a nice bottle of something something at a great price is always nice but unless you are in Texas or Colorado the bottle will be something from Central Coast California.
Since its 7pm I am way past the Happy Hour deals in most Hotels and Lounges so you have to seek out the rare wine bar/club that has a decent wine list.

Most people will find a glass of red or white wine for $10 ...Yes, its a whole ten dollars now for a glass of wine.
Yes, you could buy two full size bottles at Grocery Outlet for that price.

But its a new city and you are on your day off so the splurge is worth it. Just one piece of advice if you only want the glass of wine then only have the glass of wine. I have been sucker punched by many establishments where I went in for one glass of wine and stayed and spent $50 on dinner and dessert.
One way I beat this is I put an alarm on my phone that says "move your butt now" ( this also works for my diet too ).

Usually by the time I am done finding searching and drinking my one glass of local wine I am ready to go back to my hotel room and sleep because tomorrow is a full wine splurge.

Whether its Sailing or a baseball game I usually have an event / place to go to. So starting off the morning with a Mimosa sounds like a good idea right? Wrong! Sometimes the weather gets hot, sometimes those running eggs have you running. I spare myself the morning aperitif and you should too.

Next, if you do know you want a special picnic lunch go ahead and grab those wine cans to chill in the hotel refrigerator ( or ice bucket in the sink with water works too ) to bring with you. I have become a fan of trying to find local wines at local events. Did you know that there are vintners and grape growers in Michigan 

So next is dinner on what is Saturday. I usually have this planned out either a great hotel or a great restaurant but even the Mom and Pop's diner can have elegant wines for you to enjoy like The Other Place that has Stone Pillar Wines available to go with their Pizza in Kansas!

Usually my mimosa day is on Sunday because I try to stay late unless I have to go back. I like different concoctions of mimosa from Sprite and Orange Juice to Pineapple, Orange, and Guava with just a splash of Prosecco sparkling wine is great seducer for a little siesta before leaving.
Should you need to find wine to impress someone may I suggest a picnic this way you can bring a variety of wines to showcase and taste with different foods.

Again, unless you have to do something like an event wine is pretty basically everywhere and checking out will help you discover some new wines and some great deals.

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