Saturday, July 1, 2017

48 Hours in....#ClothesToWear

How many times did you forget that great pair of pants ...or you brought those New Shoes and found out they were not that great after all?
Here is my tips for 48 Hours travel and the clothes you bring.

Ladies, if you don't mind, let's talk to the men in the room first.
OMG! ITS SO HARD TO BRING THE RIGHT CLOTHES! - every man in the universe on his first outing without parental supervision. I admit I was completely ignorant to the stress the male species goes thru to actually planning clothes. First, there is this unforeseen and unspoken expectation that a guy can just throw three things in a bag with a razor and a bar of soap call it all good. Yes, there are some men out there that is perfectly acceptable but honestly its not like that for 90 % of the rest of mankind.
How did I find this out...I met a guy on a train trip and he got to talking about not having the right shoes for an event he didn't even know he was going to until he was told by his friend.
The level of stress imposed on him was not to be made fun of - he really was stressing out. You see he had been invited to go on a boat and he only had deck shoes not Dancing shoes which were going to be needed apparently for another event on another piece of property.
He barely had enough money for cab fare so going out and getting shoes was impossible. He was about to chuck his whole travel plans until....I reminded him of something...he can grab some grippers at a Tuexedo Store for about $5 thus he may not be able to tap but he can certainly dance for a bit.
So before you discount men's needs remember they get the same inconvenience as women do on traveling.

Now Ladies, let's get real many sweaters do you need for your trip to South Carolina in October...Three (3) Yes, three ..there is one fitted one you can wear on the plane to keep you cozy and comfy, One oversized one to wear at the beach or over a skirt and One fancy sparkly one for dinner with a nice pair of leather pants and heels. Yup, Three Sweaters especially if you are going to the coast.
Now your baggage will be two carry-on bags one with clothes and one with electronics/makeup and passport should you need it.
Why? Because most cities, hotels, even the Motel 6 have a washer and dryer you can do some laundry quickly during your stay if you have to.
What about hair care products and accoutrements again you only need one bag for all your electronics so choose your hair care wisely because I have been that woman who brought an entire ULTA Store worth of hair care products only to use one item and that was the diffuser on the blowdryer.

In closing both men and women will still need about 5 pairs of underwear, 1 pair of jeans, 1 skirt ( women ) 2 pairs of shoes ( flipflops do not count here ) and 3 sweaters ( yes even men ), 3 tops linen or cotton, favorite pajamas. That is it.

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