Tuesday, July 4, 2017

62 More Days ...What are Your Plans?

I usually ask polls on Twitter and sometimes I get a response and other times I don't.
Part of the reason I don't get a lot of response on my Twitter is I am selective on the followers I regularly block people that are bots or just repeating stuff appearing not to have an actual human brain behind them.

So here I am asking ....There is 62 more days till Labor Day what are your plans?
Will you go on a plane to an island?

Will you be on the beach or a cruise ship?

Will you stay home and avoid crowds?

Will you make an oasis at home where you don't have to fly anywhere?

My first summer excursion will be to a baseball game Thursday nite if I don't go to the Jazz event too. Its a tough choice trust me really it is, but I am going to try.
Then aside from the regularly schedule shenanigans I am going to rejoin a gym because I have to. I have gained all my weight back and its disgusting to me. I know the process will be hard but so worthwhile. I will not be dieting ...I will be watching what I eat.

That said ...what exotic place or plate will you be trying?
What is the best hotel you have been to? ( Fair warning I have heard a LOT about the Hyatt in Carmel and I might try it too )
I hope to hear from you because just standing here on the information superhighway spouting stuff isn't very much fun without at least one call back.

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