Sunday, July 16, 2017

Day Off Wine Reviews....Everybody Rose'

I do drink wine..I like wine...I enjoy the nuances of the liquid incased in glass after grown in a vineyard.
Yes, the first wine is a rose because Rose' has become the Pinot Noir of yesteryear.
Everyone is talking Rose' and I do mean EVERYONE. 
I tried to hold onto this 2015 Luna Rose for a day on a sandy beach with a good book.
That was not going to happen as you can guess. The bottle alone calls you everytime you see it.

I enjoyed this Rose' wine over ice which made it great since I didn't have time to chill it. This wine would be very very dangerous as a sangria base because there isn't an abrasive alcohol that I find in some Rose' of late as so many are being rushed to market to capitalize on the popularity.

I would grab this wine or wine from Luna Vineyards again and again.

If you can grab the 2015 varietal do so and drink immediately otherwise enjoy the 2016 edition just as well.

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