Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Day Off Wine...Chardonnay anytime

I do like the different varietals of grapes that make up wine in a bottle to enjoy on a day off.
I admit Chardonnay has a reputation and sometimes I do just go to Safeway and pick up a bottle of BV Coastal Chardonnay from the chiller and open it up because it is easy to do.
When I found the Murphy's Block Chardonnay by Andrew Peace I was pleasantly surprised to not only want to sit on the patio with this wine but I wanted to save it for the holidays.
From a soft buttery taste that really was highlighted by pineapple and peaches which is uncharacteristic for this wine that may have aged on its trip over to States from Australia 
I desperately wanted more BBQ sauce while I enjoyed this golden hue liquid that tickled my nose for a bit. I kept thinking there some floral ascent but on the back of my tongue was this soft silky flavor that had me craving liquid smoke.
I did enjoy this wine with Sea Salt and Black Pepper chips that honestly should have been dipped in BBQ sauce for the savoriest flavor profiles to be exploited.
The problem with Chardonnay is that its lost its way from going so thick and buttery to a harsh green apple and lemongrass flavor the Andrew Peace Chardonnay was a welcome relief and a plate enhancer.

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