Friday, July 21, 2017

Travel Envy

Yes, I am fabulous that I can jump in a Zipcar and run up and down the coast like I don't care.
Alas, I am not immune to the dreaded ...
Travel Envy...
It happens to all of us including me

While Travel Envy is different than FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out) I have got a need to see a Doctor on this one because my travel envy isn't anything that happened recently.

It was THREE years ago apparently there was a big family reunion complete with nieces and nephews and sisters and cousin everyone except me.
There was get togethers and photos on Facebook but not one of me.
I was not even invited nor was I missed apparently.
Yet, its like Walt Disney World trip that I was not even existing yet that I am completely butt-hurt over.
You see my siblings had Walt Disney Trip 101 complete with inscribed mugs and mickey hats and shirts and stuff with their names on them.

Me? I just got to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Maui, Hawaii, and horse camp when I graduated middle school. I think my siblings were stuck at home cleaning the toilets ( at least that is what I am telling myself now ).
Yet, I feel I have missed out again and again my butt hurt seems out of place.
So I have self diagnosed as having Travel Envy.
Travel Envy isn't just sighing over the cruise ship photos or the fawning over a piece of costume jewelry found at a "little shop near the beach"
Travel Envy is a horrible tick that will make you think going to a SOMM Conference during someone's 56th Birthday is a good idea ( and a way for them to envy you).
The reality is Travel Envy can happen anyone at any time of year so the simple cure is to look back at your own adventures ( Driving PCH, Heading to Napa, Going to a Sacramento Cats Game ) and find yourself gratiful for the experience. Thus the next travel event can happen in your own back yard and your neighbors can have some "travel envy" of their own.

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