Saturday, August 5, 2017

All Things Meeting @ Forager in San Jose

First off if you are going to be in East Bay check into this event for meeting planners with All Things Meeting in November

Now onto the recent event I attended

 Forager  took over the space that was South First Street Billards. The concept is to feature work and art and beer which sounds great but if you know anything about Oz's scene having a kitschy name is just going to add to appeal ( or confusion to tourists ).

 I got to see my favorite providers of hotels and event space in addition to meeting new ones
The Round House is a great venue in Contra Costa but Verve has tours in Napa ...its definitely a toss up as to where to go and when ( not to mention how often?)

lots of space at Forager for large groups 

 Team San Jose was on hand to remind us all that this is Sharks Territory. 
Neil Cramer takes a lot of time and effort
to find venues that appeal to meeting planners 
whom for the most part plan very large holiday and 
product launch events. He is consistently meeting and exceeds everyone expectations. 

Basically if you are in an administrative position from Cheerleaders to Scout Leaders you have to plan a meeting and you are looking for event place, catering, and entertainment for a price point that 
probably you didn't know was possible. All Things Meeting allows you to "visit" a dozen places 
at once and meet other administrators whom for better or worse are in the same boat as you. 

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