Sunday, August 20, 2017

Change Plans ...QUICKLY

I have two friends stuck in traffic in Oregon as I type this.

That is two out of six that were heading North to spend 2 minutes in darkness. 😨

Aside from the record event of the full eclipse being across the entire North American Continent☀ my pals told me about the health benefits of the experience.

Yes, I know people who stated the HEALTH BENEFITS of being in the Dark.

Excuse me while I eat some more Vitamin D gummies  and drink some wine for all the health benefits I can enjoy during full sunlight and complete darkness.

Well about 4am I got the call from one distressed friend
                                           "We just got to Eureka ! I am sick as a dog"😭
It was no fun but, me being me I know how to get around. I am also the person that has every analgesic and palliative ointment in their gunny sack. 😜
So after a quick diagnostic over the phone and getting directions to the local CVS said friend wanted to come home still.

Now, I am more than willing to drive up πŸš—to Eureka to grab a friend in need but there is Amtrak πŸšŒfor about $60 at 6:30AM said friend was on an Amtrak bus heading to Martinez with her life partner in tow.

Whereas, two other pals decided they would fly a United puddle jumper ✈at 3:30 and be in SFO by 5pm. Basically, four people were back home by 6pm and our other two friends finally got to Medford, Oregon at 5pm with about 50,000 other people stuck in traffic. πŸš™πŸš˜πŸš›πŸš—πŸš•πŸš΄πŸš΅

So in closing for all the health benefits of travel there is some very good reasons for staying home.
For one, the 49ers are playing the Denver Broncos 🏈and that is something to watch in the dark (sic).

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