Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hot Weather Merlot...Yes Please

Drinking red wine during a heat wave is a dangerous act period.
You would be considered ridiculous for offering one at a BBQ or other outdoor event.
Yet, just like with dark, hoppi bears crafted from local microbrews you can find a red wine in you glass just as easy.
The 2014 Double Decker Merlot is a deep rich, teeth staining wine that can be versatile enough as a sangria base or stand alone.
The tannins will dry your tongue out leaving behind a nice blackberry and currant taste.
This wine is one of the secondary labels for Wente Vineyards which has more grapes than actual bottles. The Livermore harvest for this label is a blessing in disguise of a tax write-off for a big corporation.

I am not going to lie, I don't like big wine houses that have too many commercials on tv.
This Merlot has hidden talents paired with a grilled cheese sandwich or Street tacos or dare I say more BBQ?
Granted, I was at a nice little get together where I enjoyed a nice glass of white wine then my second glass had the Double Decker and I had to go sit down and sip.
It could be a nice wine to have at sunset or as you watch movies outdoors on a summer nite where i apparently finished the bottle.
While the alcohol volume is 13.5% so you do sit and sip this wine with a lot of good friends and food.

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